Bank of America Routing Number – Checking Account Routing Number

Bank of America Routing Number – Bank of America is one of the oldest financial institutions of the United States. It is the second largest bank in the United States which runs so many branches across the country.

Bank of America provides good customer service, easy mobile banking and has plenty of schemes to make you financially well. From its beginning it has merged with many other banks and expanded throughout the country. Presently they operate their more than 4600+ branches and approx. 16000 ATMs across the United States and worldwide, which is very convenient for your easy banking. 

Bank of America Routing Number

One of the most appreciated services of this bank is their Wire Transfer payment system. Here you can very easily transact or transfer payment from one bank to another. And to complete the process you should need a routing number.

This article will definitely help you out to find your Bank of America’s routing number through some easiest ways for your assistance. Here you’ll also find its various benefits and other useful information which, at the end, will clear all your doubts regarding this payment system.

Therefore, without making any delay, let us begin.

What is a Bank of America Routing Number?

Routing Number or often labelled as RTN is a 9-digit unique identification code for the bank which signifies the financial institution where the transaction will take place. This unique system is location dependent. It helps the bank to determine the customer account where the customer’s Wire request will proceed. 

A bank may have one Routing Number or multiple. In the United States, smaller banks mainly use one single Routing Number for them, whereas bigger banks like Bank of America, Chase Bank or Well Fargo use multiple Routing Number for their each branch to make the whole transfer process faster and secure as well.

Important to note that Routing Number and your account number are not the same. Your Bank of America’s account number identifies your savings account number on the same bank which should be kept secret from others. While a routing number signifies the location of your Bank of America’s specific branch, where you had created your deposit account. 

Routing Number is mainly used or applicable for the Wire Transfer or ACH payments happening in the United States. It is a major part of the domestic payment system in the US. For international payment, you should need a SWIFT code of the Bank of America to receive payment from the foreign countries. 

Type of Wire Transfer Bank of America Routing Number
Domestic Wire Transfer [Varies] 026009593
SWIFT Code [Receive in US-Dollar] BOFAUS3N
SWIFT Code [Receive in Foreign Currency] BOFAUS6S
International Payment to a Bank of America’s US-based Account 026009593

As you can observe from above, there are various types of wire transfer. The code changes according to the type of payment. If you transfer your money from your Bank of America account to another account then you have to make sure of that bank’s specific routing number before payment so that to ensure your fund is credited to the correct account. 

For International payment you have to use the SWIFT Code and check the foreign exchange rate before transaction. 

Various Uses of your Bank of America’s Routing Number

Your Bank of America’s routing number has many uses and benefits. We have listed them in this section. Please go through it –

  • Making instant Wire Transfer or ACH payment within the United States.
  • You can pay through your Bank of America check to other account using a BOA routing number.
  • Using a Bank of America routing number, direct deposit payment or paying bills will become a lot easier. 
  • You can also set automatic bill payment using your Bank of America account and routing number.

Bank of America’s routing number is the most beneficial part of their banking system. Every BOA customer should have to know this number to make their payment system lots easier.

Finding Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America’s routing number is always varied from state to state in the United States. You must be very careful while putting your Bank of America’s routing number. The routing number can be traced in five different ways –

  • You can easily find your bank’s account statement.
  • You can also easily locate it on your Bank of America’s check book – it is printed at the bottom of your check book. Take your BOA checkbook, open any of its pages and at the end of the page a printed series of numbers. And those first nine-digit is your Bank of America’s routing number.
  • You can check it from the Bank of America’s official page or mobile app.
  • Calling the Bank of America helpdesk or visiting your nearest BOA branch can also clear your doubt.
  • Lastly, you can also locate your BOA’s routing number from the Federal Reserve Bank’s official directory.

Bank of America Routing Number Search by State

Here you can also find your Bank of America routing number. Bank of America Routing Number changes according to the region where their branch is available. To be precise, it changes according to the region of the United States. 

Please keep in mind that your Bank of America account’s routing number is the branch location where you had created/setup your account. And because the bank has undergone various expansions so there might be multiple routing numbers of the same state. 

Consult this section thoroughly to know the exact routing number of your state from the list underneath.

State Bank of America Routing Number
Arizona 122101706
Alaska 051000018
California 121000358
Connecticut 011900254
Florida – East 063100277
Florida – West 063100277
Georgia 061000052
Hawaii 051000017
Illinois – South 081904808
Illinois – North 071000505
Illinois – Chicago Metro 081904808
Michigan 072000805
Pennsylvania 031202084
Utah 051000017
Washington DC 054001204

Kindly, make sure of your Bank of America Routing Number before making any payment or Wire Transfer. If any unfortunate event happens then your money will go to some untraceable account, whose refund is not possible.

If you don’t locate your Routing Number from this chart or are not sure about it, don’t stress. There are more ways available to locate your Bank of America’s routing number that we have illustrated above.


Routing Number is the very essential part for any transaction made in the US. Hope this short guide on Bank of America’s Routing Number suffices your need. 

We have tried to illustrate here the multiple ways to find your Bank of America’s routing number in detail for your assistance. If you have any doubts then tell us in the comment section.

We’ll try to answer you as early as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Bank of America possess a single routing number or multiple?

Ans: No, Bank of America has separate routing numbers for each branch. The number signifies the location of the BOA’s branch. They are unique and different from each other.

  • What is SWIFT code?

Ans: SWIFT code is a series of code numbers which is used for receiving foreign Wire transfer payments into US-based bank accounts. They are known as BIC codes.

  • What is the basic difference between ABA and ACH wire transfer?

Ans: The primary difference between ABA and ACH is that the first one is used during the paper or check payment and ACH is used when you make electronic fund transfer or online banking. Some banks use the same code for the both wire transfer, while other banks use different routing numbers for these payment processes.

  • What is IBANs?

Ans: IBANs or International Bank Account Numbers for short is also a payment system of the various banks across European countries. It is mainly used for sending/receiving money between the foreign banks.

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