Chase bank routing number – Here’s Your Chase Bank Routing Number

Chase bank routing number – One of the important aspects of the money payment system among the various banks of the United States is the Routing Number. It is the must-need thing while you send or receive money from one account to another. 

Chase Bank has also a separate routing number for each of their branches. If you are looking for the right Routing Number of your Chase Bank account then this post will hugely help you.

Chase bank routing number

Here we have discussed all the important information regarding the Chase Bank Routing Number with their Updated Routing Number List in detail for your assistance. 

Therefore, without further delay, let us begin.

What is a Routing Number?

Routing Number is basically a unique 9-digit code which helps to identify a particular bank of a particular region. Using a proper Bank Routing Number before a bank account number, you can receive or transfer money from one account to another regardless of bank. Each bank has a separate routing number. This may be one or multiple according to the spread of its branch. 

This system was first built in the United States by the ABA (American Bankers Association) in 1910 to simplify various banking transfers, mainly the check payment. Now it is also used for e-payment, Wire Transfer as well as check payment from one bank to another.

Since your Chase Bank is a large financial institution, which is spread all around the United States and abroad, that’s why it has a different Routing Number for each regional branch. For Inland bank transfer it is termed as Routing Number and for Foreign transfer it is called SWIFT code money payment system.

Here is the different Routing Numbers available for Chase Bank –

Chase Bank Wiring Numbers
Domestic Wire Transfer (Variable) 021000021
International Wire Transfer 021000021
SWIFT Code for International Payment CHASUS33

Chase Bank’s Domestic Wire Transfer Routing Number always differentiates according to its branch location. We have detailed discussion on it in the later part of this article. So read our article carefully.

How to find a Routing Number of the Chase Bank?

You can easily check your Chase Bank Routing Number in three different ways. They are pretty easy. Chase Bank Routing Number can be acquired either – simply login into their official Chase Bank portal or via using their mobile app. You can also get your Routing Number by simply studying your Chase Bank Check Book as well.

We have discussed all these three methods in this section. Please take a look

Finding Your Chase Bank Routing Number Online

  • To get your Chase Bank Routing Number online, first visit the bank’s official internet banking portal at from your browser. 
  • Choose your communication language on the portal.
  • Now sign in into the portal using your Internet Banking credential.
  • After entering into your account page, go to the ‘Account Information’ section.
  • Next provide your last four digits of your Chase Bank account number.
  • Automatically a PDF document will show ready to download on your screen.
  • Open it and you’ll get the list of Chase Bank’s state/region based routing number. 
  • Choose your preferred one and make your payment.

Finding Your Chase Bank Routing Number through Mobile APP

Checking your Chase Bank Routing Number over their Mobile Application is also possible. The process is equally easy like our previous method. Just take a Smartphone and first download the Chase Bank mobile app from the Google or Apple App store and do the followings 

  • Now open the app and Sign in into your Chase Bank internet banking account.
  • Click on the Account tab.
  • Then select the ‘Show Details’ option.
  • Automatically you’ll get your Chase Bank account details along with your Routing Number on your screen. Copy it and make it use correctly during your Wire transactions.

Finding Your Chase Bank Routing Number from your Chase Bank Check Book

You can also find your Chase Bank Routing Number from your Chase Bank account Check Book. 

Here are the steps to follow –

  • Take your Chase Bank account Check Book and open any blank page.
  • Now look at the bottom of the Check and you’ll find a series of numbers.
  • Count the first Nine-digit.
  • This is your Chase Bank Routing Number.

Chase Bank Routing Numbers by State/Location-Wise

As you know, Chase Bank has many branches across the United States. Each of the branches has a specific Routing Number. And it is very important to know your branch specific Routing Number as if you make it wrong then your payment will go to the wrong account and which can’t be refunded. Below we have prepared a list for your convenience. 

Please take a look –

State Chase Bank Routing Number
Arizona 122100024
Alabama 065400137
California 322271627
Colorado 102001017
Florida 267084131
Georgia 061092387
Idaho 325070760
Illinois 071000013
Connecticut 021100361
Indiana 074000010
Kentucky 083000137
Michigan 072000326
Louisiana 065400137
Kansas 103000648
Massachusetts 021000021
Nevada 322271627
New Jersey 021202337
New York – Upstate 022300173
New York – Downstate 021000021
Washington DC 044000037

Unlike others, Chase Bank Wire Transfer is one of the fastest mediums of sending or receiving any payment. You can send or receive money within a few minutes as the bank uses a separate Routing Number for each of their regional branches to make it quick. 

Chase Bank uses the same day process for every Wire Transfer, unless you make a transfer after their Cut-off time. The Cut-off time of the Chase Bank is 4 PM ET for the Personal Banking on every business day and 5 PM ET for the Business Banking customers.

Please note all these modes for transfer are for domestic banking transfer only. For international Wire Transfer you have to use their SWIFT code which is CHASUS33. You have to use SWIFT code instead of Routing Number to receive international payment into your Chase Bank account.

Chase Bank Routing Number Key Benefits

Chase Bank’s Routing Number plays a crucial role for any financial transaction. It is a unique address system, signifying your Chase Bank account’s identity where your account has been set-up/created.  

Below we have highlighted some of the key benefits of the Chase Bank’s Routing Number for your knowledge.

They are such as –

  • Fast Wire Transfer
  • ACH
  • Easy Bill Payment
  • Payment Automation
  • Pay by Check
  • Direct Fund Deposition

About Chase Bank

JPMorgan Chase Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions of the United States. The bank was started in 1799 as the Bank of Manhattan in New York. Later it merged with other banks and started operating with the name Chase Bank. Its present financial headquarter is in New York City, US.

Chase Bank mainly offers retail and commercial banking service in the United States and United Kingdom. Presently, this bank is the largest earner financial institution of the country.


This was all about the Routing Number for Wire Transfer of the Chase Bank. 

Hope this post suffices your need.

If you are facing any kind of problem, then you can tell us in the comment section or call the Chase Bank official helpdesk number for getting immediate assistance. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the prime difference between Routing Number and SWIFT code?

Ans: The Routing Number is mainly used for Domestic money transfer from one bank from another bank in the United States. And SWIFT Code is used for International money transfer between foreign banks.

  • Is there any Routing Number available for the Chase Bank debit/credit card money transfer?

Ans: No, there is no such number available for the Chase Bank debit/credit card money transfer. The routing number is necessary for the bank-to-bank transfer only.

  • Whether Chase Bank Account number and Routing Number is the same or not?

Ans: No sir, they are completely different. Kindly be cautious about it while making payment.

  • Do I need to pay any extra charges for my Chase Bank Wire Transfer payment?

Ans: No, Wire Transfer is completely free of cost.

  • What if I wronged any Routing Number during payment?

Ans: In this case, your money will be transferred to the unknown account, which is non-refundable. So, be cautious while entering your Chase Bank Routing Number while making payment.

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