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www.Getchaseslate.com:- Chase Bank is the one-stop solution for all kinds of financial support that you need. This company always tries to support you with their various financial aid and schemes in the best possible way till today.

Starting from personal loan to savings banking, Chase has all kinds of banking facilities. That’s why they are the most trusted economic institution in the United States and around the globe.



One of the popular services they offer is their wide range of Credit and Debit cards. As these cards give plenty of benefits and attractive rewards to the customers, which is much better than any other cards available in the market.

Among them, today we’ll discuss one of the top-notch best selling credit cards of the Chase bank, which is the Chase Slate credit card. It has so many benefits and the most recommended credit cards among other brands.

If you want to know more about this card, then you have to follow this article. Here we’ll discuss all about the Chase Slate credit card, its benefits, application process, activation procedures, requirements and other details in as easy way as possible.

Therefore, without wasting much time, let’s start.

Apply for a Chase Slate Credit Card Online

If you are thinking of getting a Chase Slate Credit Card, then you can easily apply for it from here. Just be ready with the required documents and check out our below mentioned guide carefully.

  • Open your Internet browser and visit applynow.chase.com.
  • Now enter your 12-digit Chase Slate card invitation code as written on the invitation mail.
  • Enter your personal details along with your Zip code and last name.
  • Click on the Submit button after you are done.

Now wait for its approval. Once the card gets issued, it will be soon delivered to your mail address. This usually takes around 14 to 30 business days.

Apply for a Chase Slate Credit Card Offline over Phone

You can also apply for a Chase Slate Credit card offline. The process is very simple. When you are ready with your device and other necessary documents then dial first the following Chase Slate Card offline application number at 1-888-338-2586.

Once the call is established, follow the instructions carefully. Provide your personal details like name, address, date of birth, contact number etc when asked by the instructor. After providing all the details, then complete the process by confirming your request for a new Chase card.

Thereafter you should have to wait for 14 to 30 working days for getting its approval. It’ll be soon delivered to your address once it’s issued.


Chase Slate Credit Card Activation Procedures

When you’ll receive a new Chase Slate Credit card in hand, you have to activate it first for the usage. To activate your card you have to go through some simple procedures and they are pretty simple.

There are two methods available to verify your Chase Slate card, the first one is online and second is offline over phone, respectively.

Both the processes we have discussed down below. Please have a look through them and choose from them your preferred method of activating your Chase Slate credit card safely.

Chase Slate Credit Card Activation Online

  • To activate your Chase Slate credit card online, all you need to do is create an online account at the chasecreditcards.com, the official Chase credit card portal, as you should need the Chase Username and Password to complete the activation process.
  • Once you arrange it and then go online through the Chase mobile app or web browser www.Getchaseslate.com.
  • Now login into your account and select the card activation option.
  • Enter your Chase Slate Credit card number and security code as printed on it.
  • Provide your name, address, contact details, ZIP code, SSN and bank account number in the given required field.
  • Now set your card PIN for the secure payment features.
  • After providing all the details correctly, click on submit to complete your Chase Slate Card activation process.
  • Soon you will get a confirmation message. It will take a maximum of 24-hours to activate your credit card.

Chase Slate Credit Card Activation Offline over Phone Call

You can equally activate your Chase Slate Credit card offline by just dialing a number.

To initiate this process, you first take all the necessary documents near you and dial the following card activation number at 800-432-3117. Follow the guided instructions carefully.

Tell your credit card number and other credential details properly to the Instructor. Now set your security PIN code using your keypad and submit it. Once after your submission, the card will be at once activated.


Getchaseslate – Chase Slate Credit Card Benefits

Here are some of the most popular deals or advantages that you’ll enjoy using your Chase Slate Credit card.

They are as follow,

  • Your Chase Slate Credit card comes with Zero percent annual APR for the first 15 months.
  • There will be no extra charges in balance transfer for 60 days after the date of your card activation.
  • No monthly or annual maintenance charges will be applicable for bearing this card.
  • For late payment, your APR interest rate will not increase.
  • You can check your FICO credit score monthly for free.
  • You will enjoy other advanced features with your Chase Slate Credit card like cashbacks & discounts on every transaction, 100% secure payment option, one tab payment, purchase protection, trip cancellation and many others.

Getchaseslate – Chase Slate Credit Card Activation Prerequisites

You should need a few things to activate your new Chase Slate Credit card.

They are as follow:

  • To activate your Chase Slate variant credit card you must need a Smartphone or Laptop first.
  • Good Internet connection.
  • Chase Slate credit card.
  • Bank account details.
  • Personal details like name, address, contact number.
  • Email address.
  • SSN or Social Security Number.
  • Genuine activation link or Toll-free number.
Official Name Chase Slate Credit Card Activation
Rewards Cashbacks, Discounts, ZERO% APR
Purpose Card Verification
Language English
Eligible Citizen United States
Activation Link www.Getchaseslate.com
Activation Toll-Free Number 800-432-3117

About Chase Bank

Chase is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the United States also known as JPMorgan Chase Bank. It was started in 1799, which was formerly named The Bank of Manhattan Company. Later after merging with other American financial institutions in 1955, it took the current name as Chase National Bank.

Currently it’s headquarter is in New York, USA with having a number of branches and ATMs around the globe. They offer various kinds services from retail to commercial banking. Also, they are the largest card issuer in the United States. In 2019, it was reported to have earned $115 billion US dollar, which is a big achievement to this great American financial institution.

Final Words

Here are some of the unique details we’ve shared about the Chase Banking service.

Hope you liked it. If you still faced any problem then drop your remarks in the comment section below. We’ll try to answer them with probable solutions as soon as we can.


FAQ Of www.Getchaseslate.com

  1. How many ways are available to apply for a Chase Slate Credit Card?

Ans: You can apply for a Chase Slate credit card simply via Chase card online portal or offline over phone.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Chase Slate credit card?

Ans: First, you should be a valid citizen of the United States and above 18 years.

Additionally to apply for this credit card try to maintain a healthy credit score in between 660 to 750+, besides you need to ensure a stable source of income.

  1. What is the charge I initially have to pay to get my Chase Slate credit card?

Ans: You have to pay $500 as a handling charge to apply for a Chase Slate card once it gets approved.

  1. What kind of benefits will I avail from my Chase Slate credit card?

Ans: You will get many deals on your purchase by using your Chase Slate card like Cashbacks, discounts, 0% APR, secure payment option and lots others.

Please refer to our ‘Chase Slate Credit Card Benefits’ section to know more.

  1. How will I communicate with the Chase Credit card customer care if I lost my Chase card?

Ans: If you lost your Chase Slate credit card, don’t be panicked. Just call the Chase Card customer care number 1-800-436-7958 and tell them your issue. They will fix it within 7 business days.

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Contact Chase Credit Card Service

Consumer Helpdesk: ☎ 1-800-436-7958

Activate a New Card over Phone: ☎ 800-432-3117

Chase Card Official: www.chase.com

Activate a New Card Online: www.chasecreditcards.com or www.Getchaseslate.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chase

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaseSupport

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