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www.Suntrust.com/Activate : Sun trust card is a card offered by sun trust bank. It is an American bank and offers a lot of benefits, rewards, etc. It has the largest subsidiary and it is one of the foremost largest banks. And it stands up in sixth place. 


        Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The CEO of this bank is William Henry Rogers Jr. He effectively maintains a company and offers a lot of benefits for the consumers who opt for sun trust cards. This bank offers this card by getting a partnership with visa and master cards. This also offered prepaid cards. By using this card there will be a chance to get more loans legally by your personal if and financial status. Sufficient benefits are available so many of us are opting for this card. Of www.Suntrust.com/Activate

           This card is mainly designed for United States residents. It will be extremely susceptible to do. If you already have an account then will directly go for card initiation. If not you have to register for your account and then get it to initiate it. There is plenty of methods accessible to do this initiation and activation. This article is fully furnished for you to help you a lot with the initiation process and registration process.  

         Before seeing the card registration and initiation method have a look at the rules to be rigidly obeyed. That is given below

Rules and Regulations :

  • First, you have an internet in adhesives like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets.
  • Then you should have an adequate net connection
  • Registration is required for card initiation 
  • The age constraints for initiating this card are 18 years of age and above.
  • All population should dwell in the United States
  • For card initiation, your card credentials and details are wanted and you also need the personal particulars
  • Make your mobile number enrolled with the support center 
  • Id passkey is wanted for sign in

Registration for a card:

            There are two more methods available for this registration process. That is we will register it by visiting an authorized web or by calling the support service number

  • For an online registration first, have to visit the website provided and move to the home page then click for apply card option www.suntrust.com 
  • Then give the account credentials asked by them which are to be already given at the time of account creation 
  • Then you must give your id details for account verification
  • Then submit all the fillings by check once
  • Soon you will receive your card
  • There is another procedure available to do this registration that is by calling the support service
  • 1-800-337-1140
  • Then you have to your card particulars and id details, etc 
  • Then you finish this process you will receive your card in a week

Activation procedure:

       There are two methods are available here to get initiate your card. Both the techniques are very modest to commemorate. That is

  • Online technique
  • Via calling

Online technique:

  • On this initiation method, you have to make a net connection and open a web browser and visit the authorized link provided by them.
  • Then have to click the activate option from the menu
  • Then on the following page, you have to attain and enter the card needs like card number, SSN, etc.
  • Accordingly, fill in your id needs and switch on to the following page  
  • Again on the next page set your PIN and read the terms of it
  • After that click submit
  • Then your card is activated and ready for the purpose you wish


By calling:

  • In this technique, you have to make a call to the support service which is to be registered with your account
  • Then they will give you some information like terms of use, terms, and conditions and, privacy policy and you have to agree with it to proceed further 
  • Again they will make your account details on the verification process and they apply it
  • They also ask about card needs and if needs for card initiation
  • Then they will send a verified message to your registered number
  • Then verify it for further move
  • Then your card gets activated and it is inclined to use and get more benefits with it
  • You may also initiate this card by installing the app from the app store then fill the needed particulars and fulfill it.

Sign in:

  • First, sign up your account with the required needs
  • By clicking sign up you have to enter the card needs and set a user id and passkey
  • Then after finishing all these submit it
  • Then your sign up is finished
  • After if you want to make any expenses or any transactions then you may log in to your account by typing user id and passkey on the required box.
  • If you fail to remember your user id or passkey then click the forgot option and reset it
  • For resetting, you may enter your card credentials and reset your user id and passkey
  • Then follow the above steps to login


         You may also install the app from the app store. Then sign up to take into your account. You may also manage your transaction history, payments, etc

        You may also make use of ATM for transactions 

          On first at by using an ATM, you have to swipe and set your account at ATM initiation. You may also make transfer funds online.

Contact address:

            For further details contact to the support service number provided by them

    Dial- 1-800-337-1140

Mailing Address:

    Sun trust at;

         Cardholders services, 

         Po Box 621569,

         Orlando, FL 32862-1569

These are the content details of sun trust bank. You may call this support center for 24 days for any clarification


Pros and cons:


  • No fee is offered for the transaction
  • Gives a lot of perks
  • It gives only a low minimum interest rate


  • There is a fee for a checking account and account details
  • There is a monthly fee and annual fee offered for this card
  • Credit score must be 650 and above 

Conclusion: Of www.Suntrust.com/Activate

         So overall this card is the best for any type of cardholders who have a credit score of more than 650. I strive you will learn a lot by reading this writing and I wish you about the card initiation method handled on this bank.

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