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www.TheVictoriaCreditCard.com – Victoria’s secret has developed the brand new MasterCard, for consumer’s benefit. All the aspects like the benefits of the card, limitations, and the type of consumer for whom the credit card is most suited are discussed below.

www.TheVictoriaCreditCard.com – Get Reward


Where can you use the victoria card?

The victoria’s secret credit card, issued by comenity bank, can be utilized for many purposes such as for making purchases online at the official website victoriassecret.com or a certain store of victoria’s secret or pink shop. It can also be utilized at bath & body works, another l brands store. All your purchases will earn you some points for the next purchase.

Advantages of Victoria Cards

  • Victoria’s Secret’s cardholder will hold the position in one of the tiers, each granting diverse perks, based on how much a cardholder spends in a year.
  • All cardholders are assured to earn one point for every dollar that a cardholder will spend.
  • Same as the most established store cards, Victoria’s Secret’s card is also the best for daily shoppers.

Benefits and Reward

The amount of money spent in the entire 12-month period is categorized into three award tiers: basic, silver, and gold. For every $1 in net new purchases, the cardholders will receive 1 point in their collection. A cardholder is promoted to the next level after obtaining a precise value of points.

The first tier of the Victoria card(basic) grants cardholders triple points that would be handled on bra shopping, and additional free delivery on eligible purchases would be provided to all. In addition, per year valid users will receive $10 along with a $10 incentive on their birthday that can be managed for future purchases.

The Victoria silver card belongs to the second-tier category. Cardholders who earn 250 points on their Victoria’s Secret card in a period of 12-month are eligible to earn the advantages of the silver tier. Silver cards earn points at the same rate as standard Victoria cardholders. Similar to the above, they will also earn benefits of a $10 reward as a birthday treat. With that, the consumers will earn a 15% discount on their sign-up anniversary.

The Victoria gold card is the highest tier of all that serves innumerable prizes. The cardholder who will assemble 500 points on their unique credit card qualifies for the gold category. Gold cardholders will here get to receive $15 on birthday and half-birthday treats, along with that a discount of 20% on the next shopping.

Other little bonuses and special events may be submitted every month on your card. A cardholder must consume the same amount per year to be persistent on their range; unless, the card will regress into a lower tier.


How to get your unique Victoria Card?

A user or applicant can apply for their unique Victoria Credit Card online at www.TheVictoriaCreditCard.com. If you want to apply in person, visit any Victoria’s Secret or PINK shop and ask for an application form. Inscribe every detail that has been asked in the form. After that, fill the login form to create a VictoriasSecret.com account.

What are the conditions to obtain Victoria Card?

Only the applicants of 18 can ask for the card. The applicant also holds a government-issued photo identification to identify himself/herself. With that, the applicants are expected to have US Social Security Number along with an official US residency with a valid posting address.

Who Should Think About Getting a Victoria Card?

Obtaining a store credit card makes sense for customers who buy regularly at that store frequently. If you are devoted to the brand and want to take advantage of exclusive discounts, getting a Victoria card can be an excellent opportunity to utilize that option. Also, the additional advantages play the role of cherry on the top to all the cardholders.

How to activate Victoria Secret Card

  • Once you obtain your special card, it is necessary to make it active by doing few steps.
  • You are required to log in to the page www.VSAngelCard.com. If you don’t possess an account, you are permitted to generate one.
  • If you already have the account, Check the top line which has different options like registration, home, and activation.
  • Click the activate card option and a form will slide in.
  • Type down your credit card number as mentioned on your card.
  • Along with that, write down the expiration date of the card given to you, zip code, and last 4 numbers of your social security. Also, select the type of identification that matches your detail.
  • If you need any sort of help, click on the below-left option otherwise tap on continue.
  • Perform as asked and finally you will receive a mail affirming the successful activation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Victoria Cards are accepted at which places?

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is valid for both online and offline shopping both. For online usage, go to www.victoriassecret.com and for offline usage, you are free to visit any of the Victoria’s Secret stores, PINK stores, and Bath & Body stores.

  • What is the payment method of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card?

You can pay for your shopping via Victoria’s Secret Credit Card. Either directly go to the registered stores and shop something or use your card for online payment at www.TheVictoriaCreditCard.com/ www.ThePINKCreditCard.com. You can also create a payment by telephonic call. Dial (800) 695-9478 or (800) 695-1788 for the same.

  • How can I obtain the report of the entire points I’ve Earned?

You can inspect the points that have been asked for your next reward through the portal www.TheVictoriaCreditCard.com or www.ThePINKCreditCard.com. To clear out your queries through a phone call, dial (800) 695-9478 or TDD/TTY (800) 695-1788. These numbers are available from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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