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www.wellsfargo.com – Wells Fargo is one of the largest financial institutions of the United States which serves across the US and around the globe. They provide various types of monetary services which are equally fast and reliable as well as very much secure. 

If you are a Wells Fargo bank account holder then you must have heard about the Wells Fargo Routing Number. If you don’t know and in search of your Wells Fargo account’s Routing Number then let’s have a look.


What is Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Among other services, Wells Fargo also offers various types of electronic fund transfer methods. With the help of this method, you can easily transfer your money from one bank account to another bank account within a second. 

Like your residential address, every bank has their unique code for each of their regional branches. They are different from each other. And using a routing number before bank the account number you can easily address those particular bank accounts and easily make quick payments. 

Wells Fargo also has some specific Routing Numbers for every branch. They can be used for any kind of fund receive or transfer across the United States. 

Routing Numbers are basically used for making domestic payments in the United States. For making international fund transfers the system is different, known as SWIFT transfer.  

Therefore, Routing Number and Swift Code have an immense importance for any financial institution. You should need to know or collect a proper Routing Number/SWIFT code before you start making any inland or foreign payment.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Benefits – What are the Key-uses of Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Possessing a Wells Fargo Bank account has several benefits. Nowadays, a single savings bank account can be used in many different ways, like it can be attached with various online services coupled with domestic and international money transfer. 

Citizens of the United States are seeking the Wells Fargo routing for various reasons. Knowing a simple Wells Fargo routing number has many benefits. Below we are highlighting some of the most common reason or benefits of having a Wells Fargo routing number for the United States citizens as follows –

  • Using a Wells Fargo Routing Number you can set up your direct deposit or automatic bill payment system between your account and your beneficiary.
  • Having a routing number you can make instant money transfer by using Wire Transfer or ACH Payment system in the United States.
  • Using a Routing Number any company, government or any financial organization can deposit your salary, pension or monetary aid to your account. So you need to know your Wells Fargo account’s Routing Number beforehand.
  • You can use your Wells Fargo Routing Number to make payment in check.
  • This way of money transfer process is fast and free.

Wells Fargo Routing Number List by Various States

For making electronic money transfer from your Wells Fargo bank account to any other Wells Fargo bank account in the United States, you need to know beforehand the specific WF Routing Number of that particular WF branch to avoid any wrong transfer. Since if any wrong payment happens, then it is nonrefundable. So be careful when you put a WF Routing Number during your transaction.

Below we have prepared a list with Wells Fargo’s popular regional branch’s Routing Number for making your payment easy. 

Please have a look –

State (Or US-Territory) Wells Fargo Routing Number State (Or US-Territory) Wells Fargo Routing Number
Alabama 062000080 Ohio 041215537
California 121042882 Texas 111900659
Colorado 102000076 New Jersey 021200025
Delaware 031100869 Hawaii 121042882
Connecticut 021101108 Nevada 321270742
Florida 063107513 New York 026012881
Maryland 055003201 Virginia 051400549
Massachusetts 121042882 Washington 125008547

Right from the above section you can now understand how important it is to know a Wells Fargo’s particular region Routing Number before making any payment. We have highlighted some of the popular regions here. For getting the complete list, please follow this link at www.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number to know your Wells Fargo Routing Number of certain WF branches.

About Wells Fargo & Company

Wells Fargo is one of the oldest multinational financial institutions of the United States. The bank was established by two wise men Henry Wells and William Fargo in 1852 to provide express banking facilities to the countrymen. They opened their first branch in Minneapolis, US. 

Later with the popular demand, they expanded their service chain all across the United States and presently it is giving its best service around the globe. According to Forbes, Wells Fargo is one of the ‘Big Four Banks’ of the United States due to its top-notch service and updated banking system. 


Wells Fargo routing number is the essential part of making any kind of sending or receiving the payment via Wire Transfer system. The routing number system payment is limited for domestic transfer in the United States. For making international Wire Transfer you need to know Wells Fargo’s SWIFT code correctly.

We have tried to incorporate all the important information in this article. Hope it suffices your needs. For any further query, please tell us in the comment section. We’ll definitely try to solve them as early as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Routing Number?

Ans: Routing Number is a unique nine-digit code used for sending or receiving money transfers from one bank to another. The system was started by The American Bankers Association in 1910 to make proper bank to bank money transfer for the paper check fund transfer. Later it was adapted as code Wire Transfer medium.

It differs from bank to bank and each bank may have one Routing Number or may be multiple according to its various regional branches. Wells Fargo has also some specific Routing Number for their each branch. To check them out, please read the list that we made above or you can directly collect the particular branch routing number by visiting this portal at www.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number.

  • How to find Wells Fargo’s routing number?

Ans: You can find your Wells Fargo bank’s routing number by visiting their portal that we highlighted above. Or you can find it using the Wells Fargo mobile app.

  • How to find my Wells Fargo Routing Number using my paper check?

The most-easiest way to get your Wells Fargo Routing Number is through your Wells Fargo paper check. If you have one, then look at the bottom left corner of your check. 

Here you’ll find a unique series of numbers printed accordingly. And the first Nine-Digit of this series is your Wells Fargo branch’s Routing Number respectively.

  • Can a bank have one single Routing Number?

Ans: Yes, it can happen. In the United States there are many small financial institutions that have only one primary Routing Number for its principal branch. Smaller banks in the US typically use a singular Routing Number to facilitate payment service. 

Whereas large banks like Wells Fargo, Capital One etc., which spread over many states, use different Routing Numbers for each of their branches. So, it is very important to know the Wells Fargo Routing Number before making any domestic Wire Transfer in the US.

  • What is SWIFT Code?

Ans: It is a unique 8 to 11 digit alphanumeric code used for making international payment. The code consists with the bank, its branch and location identity which help any International Wire Transfer to manage properly. 

SWIFT code has also an important role in exchanging messages of various financial institutions across the globe. 

The prime difference between a Routing Number and a SWIFT Code is – the first one is used for making any Domestic payment and the Second one is used for foreign payment. 

  • What is the SWIFT Code of Wells Fargo Bank?

Ans: The Wells Fargo Bank’s SWIFT Code number is WFBIUS6S. The code may change from time to time. Please check it once more for a specific Wells Fargo bank before making/receiving any international payment.

  • Is the Routing Number always remaining nine digits?

Ans: Yes, according to Federal Law of Banking service, the Routing Number of every US Bank is limited to nine digits and should be unique. It defines its identity.

Wells Fargo Helpdesk

  • Contact No – 1-800-869-3557 [24/7]
  • Websitewww.wellsfargo.com    
  • Wells Fargo Locationwww.wellsfargo.com/help
  • Well Fargo Routing Number Listwww.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number

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