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www.Zipcar.com/Activate : A zip card is a card offered by a zip car company that is used to rent a car for sale. It is one of the ride-hailing company which means the vehicle to be hired or someone has rent the car for hire. The administrative center of this company is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

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 This company will connect with the consumers either by the online website or by providing an app that is to be helpful for the people to know about car facilities and conditions for rent. The fares of every ride are about your traveling time. You may also drive the rental car anywhere within a given fare. 

       For customer’s convenience and to make easy their journey zip car company provides a zip card for your rental car online or by smartphone app. For people who want to travel heavily with a rental car, this zip car service is the best one to make your journey better. It is a budget organization company. It is the best automobile compunction in the United States. There are many models of automobiles are available here. More than 35 types are obtainable. 

        The cost of rent is also low. For one month there is a $7 and $70 for a year.

      If you want to try this then you have to get this card by activation.

      The principles for this company is noticed below Of www.Zipcar.com/Activate


           It is strictly to follow the rules on it. That is given here.

  • Must have connectivity with the acceptable Internet
  • Less than 18 years are not permitted for it
  • The United States and Puerto Rico residents are only permitted for this car rent
  • Your last 8 digit card number is needed
  • SSC number and expiration date also needed
  • Passport number is also wanted
  • English or Spanish language is preferable

Activation of zip card:

         There are few more methods available to activate the zip card. That is either by going through the website or by using the app that is given by them. 

       The techniques are

  • Online activation
  • Via mobile app

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Online activation:

          This is a modest and reasonable procedure to get generate your zip card. With the use of this card, one should get affordable benefits and save a lot of fortune with you. The steps are listed below. This card is already given by the zip car company one who buys a car on rent at a particular time

  • First, have to go to the website given by them and open it www.zipcar.com 
  • After that commune the activate your zip card option which is given on the homepage
  • Then after clicking this on the interface you will find an activate card option
  • Then touch it
  •   After that give your necessary details which you have already given to the zip car company while you rent the car
  • Thereupon you will finish this activation you may use your card as a remote key
  • One main rule is by locking or opening the car through your card that the key of that car must be put inside the car

     These are the necessary details to make your automobile application with remote access. This company also give a specific app to do this that is explained below

Via the mobile app:

    In this technique, you may need to do some procedure by installing the app from the app store

  • After installing you have to run this app and unlock it
  • Then on the menu, you have to select a drive option which is available at the top
  • Then you have to click the reserve option which is on the following page
  • Then select the option which is available as play around
  • Then you have to unblock and open it
  • Then click the horn symbol to make your rented car morning
  • After making your car horn your zip card is convenient to use as remote access

Sign in:

  • Then you have to create a sign in the bar for after using
  • On that create a new user id and password and sign up once
  • After sign up choose a sign-in option and fill in the needs to complete it
  • If you forget your user id or password then click forgot option to reset it
  • After touching fill in the needed details asked to complete it 
  • Then after completing all these needs you will use a car remote as your card

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How to use:

  • You may only use this card after generation. After finishing this you have to use it as a car remote controller
  • With the help of this zip card, you will operate your rental vehicle as a locking and unlocking tool
  • You may also use this by sign in or by opening the app to manage it

        These are the available strategies to make the best use of them and you utilize a lot by working with it Of www.Zipcar.com/Activate

Contact address:

             If you want a car for rent and any qualms about the usage of this card then you have to contact the below-given number

         Dial- 0333 240 9000

Mailing Address:

        If you want any support or any questions kindly mail to the address given by them. That is given below

        Auis budget house, 

        Park Road, 

        Bracknell, RG12 2EW

Email Address:

      Email address of zip car service is given below


Pros and cons of zip card:

  • This card is very flexible to operate as a remote 
  • While buying to as rent you first unlock the car by your card and use it as a best 
  • You may take rent of it as one day or one month or one year with your scheme which is reserved on that company by you


  • If you lost your card it will be very difficult to unlock it without the help of the company
  • There is no pin maintenance on this card


          This company is one of the best car rental companies in the USA. The cost of a rented car is $7 for a month and $70 for a year. I hope you find a lot on zip card by reading this. By visiting www.zipcar.com you will able to see the terms of use and authorized details given by them

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